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Dreaming of a new life in 🇨🇦 Canada? We make it happen. With our expert immigration advice and dedicated support, you'll navigate the process with ease. Let's unlock the door to your Canadian future together.

Key Services

Our immigration services offered from
A to Z

Explore our specialized services designed to help you achieve your Canadian immigration goals.

Initial Consulting​

First Step, Game changer.​ Our licensed consultants will guide you to personalized path with fastest option to achieve your Canadian dream!

Study Permit​

Finally got LOA? ​Welcome to the visa paper jungle, but chill, we got your back. You just focus on your study and dream big!

Work Permit

Your Career, Top Priority! We will lead you to the most effective work permit program for your peace of mind. One less stress, get ready to shine as top performer in your job!

Permanent Residency

The Ultimate Boss: PR! ​Lost in countless PR programs? Fear not, we are here to give you personalized PR strategy, covering eligibility, process, and beyond.

Family Sponsorship

​Bringing Loved Ones Together​ Being away from family hurts more than anything, and we feel you. We're in this together to find the quickest solutions to reunite your family and make Canada home.

More Services

Coming Canada as a visitor? ​PR Card expiring or ready for Canadian Citizenship? Facing immigration troubles? All taken care of, feel free to chat with us!

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Over 600 consultations and applications across diverse individual cases
Project Complete
Equipped with knowledge on over 25 different immigration programs spanning EE, PNPs, Family Sponsorship, FTA, IEC, citizenships, and refusal cases
Engaging with clients from over 50 counties, and hands-on experience in navigating unique country-specific requirements for each
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Immigle Consulting

The things we do for our clients 🙌 ​

Stay Informed

While many firms may promise you successful result, waiting process, the most agonizing part, are often overlooked!​

Say goodbye to endless waiting with no clarity or updates on your process!
our exclusive PR monthly updates service ensures you stay informed about your application with all the essential details.​

Flexible and Fast Application Process​

Got a deadline breathing down your neck, like your status expiring in a week or two? We get it, it's life.

​It's too early to give up, we're all about that let's figure it out ASAP' vibe. Let's connect and get the ball rolling now!​

Timely Communication​

Tired of endless chasing to get updates or answers on YOUR OWN APPLICATION?!

With us, you won't have to – we're just a message away!

Piece of Mind With Honesty​

Having been where you are now, we get what you really need for.

We want you to do what you love, and we also do what we love – ​Saving you from never-ending immigration uncertainty!

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